Things No One Else Can Teach Us

‘[Humble the Poet] is the straight-talking best friend that everyone needs.’ Lilly Singh, New York Times bestselling author of How to Be a Bawse

‘Humble the Poet offers refreshing and engaging simplicity for the ages that can pacify an anxious mind or fuel a long-starved passion.’ Gary John Bishop, New York Times bestselling author of Unfu*k Yourself

‘A how-to guide to making lemonade when there aren’t any lemons around to begin with.’ Evening Standard Online



Create your own silver Linings. We all possess the magic to take control of our lives, we just don’t often embrace it. Influencer, rapper and spoken word artist humble the poet is back to flip the conventional script for happiness and success and show you that your hardest moments are actually your greatest teachers.In his trademark style, humble shares raw, honest stories from his own life and explains how he transformed them into teaching moments. From breakups to going broke to racial prejudice, a change in mind-set can allow us to see all things – particularly the most difficult – as opportunities for growth. Our task is to realise that opportunity in order to become more self-aware, grateful and empowered. As simple as it is eye-opening, this book will teach you how to transform your responses to everyday challenges and become your best self.


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