NurseryNature Syngonium Podophyllum Silver Pearl Plant

  • Appealing and easy to grow, our Three-Layer Bamboo Tree Plant is Perfect Choice for Bamboo Decor/Plant Decor of your Indoors(Home and Office); it can be placed on furniture, on table or office desk. It is popular for bringing good fortune; it can also Grow in a simple vase of water with No DIRECT Sunlight
  • Provides Bamboo Tree plants in different color ceramic pots. Sticks (AA grade) and easy maintenance make our indoor bamboo plant best green gift option
  • MATERIAL: Natural alive bamboo tree plant ; Ceramic marble pot
  • INCLUDED COMPONENT: 2 lucky bamboo plant (3-layered) and 2 Pot
  • PLANT and POT SIZE: Plant is 6-10 Inches high | pot is square in shape with 3.5 inches on each side


NurseryNature Syngonium Podophyllum Silver Pearl Plant Please Check Seller Name to be NurseryNature all other sellers are fake


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