How to be positive and happy in life 2021

How to be positive and happy in life 2021

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Life is a combination of positive and negative thoughts. It depends upon our attitude on how we think. I will help you see how you can change your fitness, your mentality, your lifestyle, your emotion, your lifestyle, and your productivity.  I collected some points to stay Positive in life.

  • Walking Every day helps you become more positive.
  • We should keep ourself active i.e if you spend most of time at home with your computer or laptop you should stand up after every hour and walk for 5 min atleast.
  • I feeled that a physically fit person is always mentally fit.
  • You should find a good habit with in you i.e playing puzzle games sharpen your mind.
  • Stretching your body properly.
  • You should team up with one of your friend.
  • Start looking at your mental habits which keeps keeps holding you back.
  • Change the view of thinking avoid negative thoughts.
  • Think about success and visualize your upcoming future.
  • Eat healthy keeps your body fit.

From failure to Success

Emotional Habits

  • You should meditate everyday it helps in clearing junk of mind .
  • You should learn to use diaphragmatic breathing to calm down in negative situation and deal with it in a mature manner.
  • A walking meditation is always a good choise to keep you emotion always beautiful.
  • You should take a break of 5 min in prior situation and start thinking again.
  • Handling negative emotion is a big win to stay positive in life.
  • We have always heared WE ARE WHAT WE EAT , food plays a critical role in life so we should always eat healthy.
  • You should spend 10 min with nature and feel about the creation of god how beautiful the nature is.

Useful Lifestyle Habits

  • You should know what you stand for. Your values defines where you want to be in life.
  •  You should follow your passion.  A true passion in life takes you a lot ahead in life.
  • You should create a vision in your life. Where you look yourself after 5 years.
  • You should inspire yourself to learn more and more  positive in life.
  • You should challenge your false belief and go against it.
  • You should not get sticky yourself with things (cars, tv) fear of loss makes us vicious. You should understand life is more than TV.
  • You should make smart decision in the near future to ensure your good lifestyle.
  • Never stop yourself short. i.e that if I limit my talents due to negative outlook is wrong. One should avoid it.
  • You should never avoid failure or make excuses. One should learn from it.
  • Stop creating negative situation in life else use these energy for good.

Personal Habits to build confidence .

  • Keeps your lifestyle simple. Avoid messing up things and organize in simple manner.
  • You should establish your goals. Work hard each day for your project and ensure that the easier stuff is left for next day.
  • you should plan your project with every minor details.
  • Developing positive habits at workplace keeps your mind relaxed and creative.
  • You should be more productive towards your projects.
  • You should plan up to batch your work together.
  • You should create priorities towards your work. You should be very well known for your project and which work should be done first.
  • You should wake up early. Atleast setup your alarm for one hour earlier.
  • You should work in bulk, continously for 3-4 hours at a time, with less breaks in between.
  • You should learn to say NO to avoid feeling unhappy deeply inside.

I have tried to collected all important points to stay positive in life, hope you like it share your comments too.


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