Motivation: A ROUSING STORY That Will Change Your Life

Motivation is the epitome of learning and the key to opening the door to success. In fact, motivation drives you to accomplish things, to achieve goals. However, it can have various origins. It can come from inspiration or a desire to reach goals. However, it is still essential for carrying out a project or for achieving goals in life. This is why you should never let someone tell you that you are not capable, not even me. Including?

 If you have a dream, you should work on it, to live your dream. You’ll see that people who can’t make it will do anything to discourage you. So you must always have this desire to succeed.

In this article, I’ll talk about motivation. What is that ? Its importance in life and how did it grow in you? A variety of questions which I will try to cover in this article.


What is motivation?

Motivation – what is it

Motivation can be interpreted as a factor, a positive energy that pushes an individual to surpass themselves to achieve their goals. It defines the behaviour and actions of a person when faced with a goal. It is also among others a will, a force, a call to action in order to act.

Motivation arises in the face of a well-defined objective. Thus, the birth of a goal automatically leads to that of motivation. These objectives may be long or short term, difficult or not to achieve.

Motivation may be present in varying degrees depending on the individual. She accompanies us in everything we do, whether in our professional or personal life. The extent of the motivation depends on the importance we attach to the objective concerned.

There are two types of motivation:–

  • The intrinsic motivation: It is the one that pushes us to do something that gives us pleasure.
  • The extrinsic motivation: It is the one that pushes us to do things under the influence of external elements or for the feeling of pleasure that a third person can feel when achieving this goal.

We must also add to these two types of motivation, the notion of a motivation. It reflects a lack of motivation in a person. It is born when the individual is not able to see the relationship between his actions and the results produced.

The relationship between motivation and success

Motivation and success

It’s no longer a secret. It is even scientifically proven that there is a mutual and bilateral link between motivation and success. Indeed, when the intensity of motivation is low or if there is a complete lack of motivation, this is an obstacle to success.

So the more intense the motivation, the more certain the success. Motivation is therefore the detonator of the actions we take. It is the force that drives us to find the means to surpass ourselves. This is the key that opens the door to success.

What is its importance? The fact of taking actions for a goal necessarily requires motivation. You have to understand by this that the more motivated you are, the more likely you are to succeed.

Sources of motivation

As I told you, motivation can come from our goal or from a source of inspiration, that is to say someone for whom we have affection, someone whose background and life itself inspires us.

The person I admire the most, I want to say already is a person who really brought me so much who, who represents a lot for me, is my father. My dad died and he was a huge man.

I adore my father and even if he died, he is still there, he is always present, and he is always present with us. What do I want to say about my father, I have so much to say it would be forever?

I didn’t have an easy relationship with my father that is to say that my father is part of the old school. Someone who was fatherless and motherless at the age of two agreed!

He no longer had his father and mother so he was brought from family to family so he really suffered, he suffered in his life. He was someone smart so he was good at school but for a while he said to himself, I’m tired of living like that. It is necessary that.

Besides they wanted to help his family, he wanted to help his siblings and it was hard so he started working in the bank. He started working at the age of 17 when he was even I think it’s said he was 18 years old.

Motivation can then arise from:

The desire to change things

First, you should know that the desire to change is important in the quest for motivation and especially in its preservation. In fact, it is essential to want to know what we want, what we want to become and to change our conception of life.

So to act in this direction, it should already be noted that things are bad. Because whoever thinks that feeling sorry for himself or living his life in sadness is normal, will never have the will to see things differently. To solve a problem, you should already know that it exists and accept it.

You have to be able to believe in yourself that you can make a difference. Usually, our own blockage comes from ourselves. So believe in yourself, in your potentials and you will have the motivation and the will to change things.

My father put us in a middle-class high school when we were broke. So we had weird clothes and all the guys they had super nice clothes, super nice shoes. My mother used to go to second-hand stores to buy clothes for me.

The others said yeah I want a weekend there, I want this, I want this. I want to play golf and I was with my friends from the neighborhood, we were playing soccer on the street. It was two different atmospheres. So I was coming to this high school, I hated this high school but my father said that it was a lot of money for him and that it was a sacrifice for us.

I wanted to break up, I wanted my baccalaureate, I wanted to have it because I was the last in my class in high school. And to tell the truth it didn’t mean anything to me. At one point I said to myself, well, you’ll see you want to break up.

You have to have your baccalaureate to go to university and to get your baccalaureate it’s simple you are going to have to work And so incredible but true, I was the last in my class.

After the last trimester I take the books. I did a science baccalaureate so I had math and physics books. I took out my annals and started working. There is a friend of mine and said to me but it’s crazy. But in fact I was so motivated to have the baccalaureate that I worked and in fact my baccalaureate I had it in a few weeks.

The crazy thing is that I didn’t do anything because I didn’t like this high school. I didn’t like this atmosphere I didn’t feel in my environment and when I knew I had to have the bac to change things, I did my best and I got it.


In order to stay motivated and not lose this motivation, you must constantly set goals. The effectiveness of this technique is no longer to be proven. As I told you, motivation comes from a goal linked to a desire, a need. However, you must set yourself small goals that can be achieved over time.

Thus each goal achieved will give you even more motivation for the following ones. You have certainly understood this, when you have a big goal, it is better to split it into small goals. So each small goal achieved is a step towards your final goal. With this method you will not be discouraged along the way. You can even reward yourself after every little victory.

Finally, this technique allows you to be organized and to have confidence in yourself. Believing in yourself is very important for the rest of the journey and it is motivating.

Sources of inspiration and motivation

Motivation – Mentor

First you have to be clear, to take inspiration from someone is not a bad thing. This is not idolatry. In the same way you can be an inspiration for someone else. Indeed, having a source of inspiration or motivation turns out to be more beneficial than you think.

As I told you, my father for me is my inspiration and the one who motivated me to get my baccalaureate, to go to university and to graduate. My father was certainly very hard on me and it was later that I understood his real intentions.

What I didn’t tell you is that at one point I was in London my father said he was studying. I said to him of course, I don’t want to study I want to be an entrepreneur, I want to become a millionaire. I started diving, started working in restaurants.

And one day my father said to me, he filled out the registration form for universities in France. He said make me happy, make me happy I didn’t study. I haven’t had a chance to study. Study, do it for me and since I wanted him to be proud I studied and there everything changed because I was in another environment.

I had my own room when before I was with my two brothers in the same room. You imagine for studies this

Wasn’t great. And there, my life completely changed and here I had a master’s in finance, it was not easy since in Paris I struggled to find housing, etc …

In fact, my father was upset, he didn’t understand what was happening to me, and when he said to me you missed your life. We could interpret it in two ways, that is to say, I missed my life or in fact, for him, I could do better. I think that was it, what he meant. He said to himself my son he can do better, he has everything to succeed, and there he is spoiling his future.

You can do better

Today I understand why my father was upset. Because for him he did not understand what was happening to me and when he said I missed my life we ​​can interpret it in two ways, that is to say, we can say I missed my life or for him in fact I can do better.

And that’s what he said my son can do better, he has everything to succeed he has everything to hit the bull’s eye and there he is spoiling his future.

This is what a great man he was, and so I wanted to pay him homage. Dad, I love you. I don’t know if you’re going to watch this video. I apologize because I was not an easy child. It’s true that my parents called themselves Thami bug.

Today look at my life, it’s incredible, that is to say, I am sure my father is here he said to himself but hey you will never succeed what. my teachers told me.

My maths teacher, he said to me: “Thami if you have the baccalaureate it would still be … I must have had 14 in math 16 in physics just for info I had super good grades. I exploded, I hit hard in my results.

It’s all a question of motivation, that is to say, once I was motivated I worked hard I got the results. It’s really a matter of mindset. When I said to myself studies it is useless I was not motivated. But my dad, he’s someone beautiful.

I couldn’t take advantage of him because for several years we were separated. When I was with my son I didn’t see them often. They suffered, they suffered a lot, my parents, a lot suffered. And today it’s true that my life has changed completely.

What I wanted to tell you is that sometimes we make tons we say yes but here we are too dying for nothing. Things will happen if they have to happen, that is to say, I was in the galley today my life has completely changed. Maybe I was a little lucky, I worked a lot, I put in place the right actions and my dad he did not see this success, that’s what is incredible. He only saw the galleys.

He has not seen my successes but it does not matter, life goes on. My only great joy was to be by his side when he died. Because he died in my arms. And wow that calmed me down crazy. Really it calmed me down because I said to myself: I didn’t take advantage of him I didn’t see him I was finally able to make him proud.

Because I wanted him to be proud of me. When your father tells you you missed your life and your father who sacrificed himself for you. You tell yourself, here I am, I want my father to be proud of me. And I couldn’t make him proud and today I hope he is proud. Anyway, I love you, daddy, I like you and we miss you. See you soon!


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