List of Good deeds for everyone

List of Good deeds for everyone

Story of a good deeds: Starfish

Story of a good deed: Starfish

A vacationer takes advantage of the sun while walking on the beach. In the distance, he can make out the silhouette of an elderly man who is slowly walking towards him.

When he is close enough, he notices that the man picks up something which he immediately throws into the water. Time and time again, the old man bends over, picks up an object, and throws it into the ocean.

By getting closer, the vacationer understands that the old man picks up the starfish that the tide left on the beach, to throw them back one by one in the water.

Intrigued, he approaches the old man by asking him what he was doing, here is his answer:

  • I’m putting those starfish back in the ocean. They failed on the beach because of an abnormally low tide. The stars that I don’t throw into the water will die from lack of oxygen!

The vacationer replies:

  • But there are thousands of starfish on this beach alone. You will not be able to save them all. What you do is just useless, it’s completely useless.

The old man smiles serenely as he leans over to pick up another starfish. He throws her into the sea and turns to the vacationer to say:

  • My gesture changed everything for this one. I just saved her from certain death!

Saving starfish made the old man feel useful. The following hyperlink presents a list of good deeds: click here. They are opportunities to feel useful and happy. If you doubt this principle, experience it with a good deed of your choice. You have nothing to lose and far to realize.

“Nothing rejoices the soul the maximum amount because of the awareness of an honest deed that has been done. “

List of good deeds one should follow

List of good actions relating to good deeds: rendering service to our loved ones, thanking, helping people in need, charitable organizations, …

  1. Leave the passage to a motorist who seems in a hurry.
  2. Offer a metro (or bus) ticket to someone who appears to be short of money.
  3. Go get something (milk for example) before the family runs out or asks for it.
  4. Buy a meal from a homeless person.
  5. Defend someone who is slandered in his absence.
  6. Donate blood to the Red Cross.
  7. Put the luggage on the train of someone who is struggling.
  8. Pick up and replace merchandise that has fallen from a shelf in a store.
  9. Secretly place flowers on the table.
  10. Drive a hitchhiker to the threshold of his destination.
  11. Call the authorities to report a dangerous object on the road.
  12. Make a donation to a charity.
  13. Send a birthday card or a greeting card.
  14. Give a gift to a loved one for no reason.
  15. Protect the environment: plant a tree, recycle, reduce your speed on the road …
  16. Donate your time to the volunteer foundation of our local hospital.
  17. Keep the children of a parent who needs to be helped out.
  18. Volunteer to break the isolation of the elderly.
  19. Coach in a youth sports organization.
  20. Greet people with a sincere smile.
  21. Host a party to celebrate a friend’s birthday.
  22. Help an elderly neighbor do his shopping or household chores.
  23. Feed or adopt an abandoned animal.
  24. Listen carefully to a person who relates an important event for them.
  25. Encourage someone who needs it.
  26. Driving someone who doesn’t have a car.
  27. Give sincere and respectful compliments when the time is right.
  28. In the metro or bus, offer a seat to someone who needs it.
  29. Offer to guide a lost person before a plan.
  30. Prepare breakfast before everyone gets up.
  31. Do the dishes even if it is not up to us to do them.
  32. Take a loved one who seems to need it.
  33. Voluntarily direct conversations towards subjects of interest to our interlocutors.
  34. Grow flowers on our balcony or in front of our house.
  35. Thank everyone who does us a service.
  36. Say something nice to the person who serves us in a store, restaurant, or other business.
  37. Pick up the waste on our way (street, sidewalk, park) to throw it in a suitable place (trash, trash can).
  38. Send an email/message to someone to let them know that we are thinking of them.
  39. Take the initiative of reconciliation when we are in conflict with someone.
  40. Donate time or money to an organization that supports medical research, e.g. research on cancer, AIDS, heart disease…

I suggest everyone of us should follow the above good deeds…waiting for your suggestions too.

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