Positive vibes:-Best 10 steps to increase

Positive vibes:-Best 10 steps to increase

Positive vibes

Today we tell you the 10 steps to be able to raise vibrations and be confident to be happier. Try it for 40 days and see what happens!

You will not have to do anything complicated, just take positive attitudes that will improve the relationship with yourself and others. Try it for 40 days and it will surely increase your positive vibes.

1. Be honest with yourself

Observe yourself and your world, both inner and outer. How are they? Confess to yourself as you are, what you feel, how you live, and how you act.

What do you think of you, your fellow men, and the world? Look naked and without makeup. Recognize yourself.

And then accept yourself as you are. Now! With all the outbuildings and connected. With all your experiences and all your past, because that’s what you’re the product of.

Now ask yourself how you want to be. What would you like to hear, think, do? Write the vision of yourself point by point. Think about it, talk about it, and act as if your vision was already a reality.

Whenever you don’t like or feel good, honestly admit to yourself how things are: «Today I am offended, angry, envious.

Today I am not feeling particularly well! ». Then immediately formulate the desired corresponding to how you would like to react: “I recognize my mood and accept it with gratitude, without problems, and with joy!”.Be optimistic about your self.

2. Try to keep your back  as straight as possible

Keep your back as straight as possible, but also relaxed.

Relax your face and smile.

The posture and facial expression reveal our inner appearance.

The changes you make to your external appearance also affect your interiority

. A smile on your face gives strong signals to your whole body system that you are well, and in this way you attract adequate events in your energy field.

3. Use only positive words and expressions

Everything we say produces emotions in us that unconsciously activate connections with past experiences, creating corresponding vibrations. Instead of saying: “Today I feel tired”, he uses the expression: “Today I don’t feel myself”. Instead of: “It’s not bad!”, Say: “I’m fine!”.

Direct your creative attention only to the things that arouse feelings of happiness, enthusiasm, and love. Your emotions reawaken the creative potential of your mind, with which you can realize your desires and your purposes.

Never focus on negative things and thoughts, as negativity feeds on the strength of concentration, weakening you and blocking the realization of your desires.

4. Look for something positive in every situation and in every person

Always say–Every not particularly positive experience brings with it many good things, don’t get attached to the things that hurt you, go further and find something that will make you happy.

If there is someone you don’t particularly like, find at least five positive characteristics and write them down. Whenever you meet or think about this person, focus on his positive sides.

5. Thank you for everything

Thank you for everything, for all that is wonderful in your life and also for the less good things. By thanking you for the good things, you multiply them. When you thank yourself for not particularly good things, you raise the low vibrations and in this way you eliminate them.

6. Think creatively

When you see something bad, for example, waste on the road, create an image where the road is clean and you are happy and then make it real. Or, if you see a sick person who does not have a good wax, imagine her beautiful and healthy. As you do this, also focus on the emotions and thoughts that the image arouses.

7. Talk well about others

Think about other people and talk about them as if they could hear your thoughts and words. And think of others and talk about them only as you would like them to think and talk about you.

8. Explain yourself

When you want to achieve or achieve something, explain why you would like to have it. Then visualize it and talk about it as if you already have it. Enter this state internally and perceive how you feel to already possess what you desire. Always make your wishes present.

9. Talk about your present and the things you want to achieve

Don’t tell your past, because every time you do it you lose energy. Long accounts of your childhood, school times, and similar stories take energy away from you, especially if you tell negative episodes. Close with what has been, be happy for what is, and available for what will come!

10. Pray for your enemies and for those who have wronged you

In this way, you raise your vibrations first and then send these people positive energy that helps them change for the better.

The prayer could be more or less like this: «I wish you with all my heart to discover your truth and to fill you with universal love.

I wish you to be happy and satisfied, and to follow your life path. So be it!”.

Be aware that your lifestyle always affects the whole world. Always act in love. Become healthy and whole.

I pray for you the vibes full of positivity. Keep reading. Stay blesses. Love you all.

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